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What We Need – What We Don’t Need

by Miriam - March 9th, 2011.
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Harvard Business Review blogger Tony Schwartz suggests that we are so overloaded with things we don’t need, that we miss out on the things that make us – and the world – a better place.    Here’s an excerpt from his “30 things we need – and 30 things we don’t” post (with a link below):

Information Wisdom
Shallow billionaires Passionate teachers
Self-promotion Self-awareness
Multitasking Control of our attention
Inequality Fairness
Sugar Lean protein
Action Reflection
Super sizes Smaller portions
Private jets High-speed trains
Calculation Passion
Experts Learners
Blaming Taking responsibility
Judgment Discernment
Texting Reading
Anger Empathy
Output Depth
Constructive criticism Thank-you notes
Possessions Meaning
Righteousness Doing the right thing
Answers Curiosity
Long hours Longer sleep
Complaining Gratitude
Sitting Moving
Selling Authenticity
Cynicism Realistic optimism
Self-indulgence Self-control
Speed Renewal
Emails Conversations
Winning Win-win
Immediate gratification Sacrifice

Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review

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